Wired Network (IEEE 802.3) Policies

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Wired Network (IEEE 802.3) Policies
Section: Computer Configuration
Path: Policies \ Windows Settings \ Security Settings
Valid For: Windows Vista and later

This section allows to manage general settings for wired networks.

This policy will create predefined settings for all wired network on all applying clients. Therefore only one policy can be created per GPO.


Policy Name

Name of this policy. This title will be visible in the Group Policy Management Editor.


Description of this policy. This title will be visible in the Group Policy Management Editor.

Use Windows Wired Auto Config service for clients

This checkbox controls, whether Windows will manage wired connections (Using the service Wired AutoConfig (dot3svc)). If a third-party tool is in use, this box should be unchecked.

Don't allow shared user credentials for network authentication

If checked, users are not allowed to use the credentials of other users to access the network. In this case, each user has to have personal account information.

Enable block period (minutes)

After a failed automated connection attempt, Windows will wait this number of minutes before retrying a connection. This value voids upon a session change, a media connection or a manual connection attempt.


Enable use of IEEE 802.1X authentication for network access

If a network access control using 802.1X is in use, this checkbox has to be checked.

Select a network authentication method

Authentication method to use for 802.1X authentication.

The available methods are (As of Windows Server 2012):

* Smart Card or other certificate
* Protected EAP (PEAP)

The properties button opens another window, containing settings for the authentication method selected like server certificate validation and client authentication.

Authentication Mode

This list box selects the account used to authenticate:

* User or computer authentication
* Computer only
* User authentication
* Guest authentication

Max Authentication Failures

Number of failed connection attempts before the client will display an error message


This button will show another dialog, containing 802.1X and Single Sign On related settings.