Drive Maps

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Drive Maps
Section: User Configuration
Path: Preferences \ Windows Settings

The Drive Maps section allows administrators to add or remove mapped network drives.



On drive maps the default actions can be performed:

Create Maps a drive, if it is not existing.
Replace Deletes the old mapping (if existing) and creates a new one. If the mapping is not existing, it will be created.
Update Changes the existing mapping or creates a new one (if not existing)
Delete Removes the mapping from the system.


Location of the network folder to map.


This field supports System Defined Variables.


If checked, Windows will store the connection and tries to reconnect on every logon of this user.

Label as

Replaces the define label ("Share (\\Fileserver) (Letter:\)") with this text.

Drive letter

Assigns the next free drive letter (Use first available, starting at) or a specific letter to this mapped folder. Please note that the driver letter might differ from system to system if first available is selected.

Connect as (optional)

Uses a custom login for this folder. If empty, the current user will be used.

NOTE: User name and password will be stored with the GPO and on the local client. Change the password frequently and do not use it for sensitive systems.

Hide/Show this drive

Defines if the drive should be visible to the user or hidden. Select "No change" to leave the current state.

This setting overrides the "Hide/Show all drives" setting.

Hide/Show all drives

Defines if all drives should be visible to the user or hidden. Select "No change" to leave all drives in their current state.